We love to solve problems, save money, and we really, really hate spiders and roaches in and around the house. That's why we've vectored those desires into one fantastic solution: SnipeA-Bug. We've developed a proprietary formula with the exact coefficient of adhesion necessary to keep salt in rotary CO2 magazines. Best of all, the ingredients are not toxic, so they're safe. Safe for humans, that is, but deadly for bugs.

Eliminate Bugs the Easy Way

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At Snipe-A-Bug, LLC, we understand how stressful it can be to spot bugs that are just out of reach. That's why our company created a powerful salt rifle that can exterminate bugs at a distance. Our family-owned company cares about keeping your family safe, which is why our products are easy to use and don't contain any harsh or toxic chemicals.

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What kind of bugs does our salt rifle work on?

Our salt rifle can exterminate almost any type of insect. With our gun in hand, you can remove:

  • Spiders that are making their webs in the corner of your ceiling
  • Flies that move quickly from one surface to another
  • Moths that are flying around your lights
  • Mosquitos that land on your wall

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