Don't Share Your Home With Bugs

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Do you keep spotting flies and spiders around your home? Not only do they often hang out in hard-to-reach places, but they can move quickly, making it difficult to kill them with a tissue or fly swatter. Thankfully, there is another option. Snipe-A-Bug, LLC sells a unique pest control product - a salt gun that's designed to exterminate bugs with a single shot.

What sets Snipe-A-Bug, LLC apart?

Your search for the ultimate salt bug gun ends today. Not only does our gun make it easier to kill pests, but it also lets you avoid toxic chemicals found in other pest control products. You can feel confident using our bug gun because we:

  • Completed extensive research and development on our product
  • Designed a gun that is fun and easy to use
  • Sell a variety of reloads and compound kits

Check out our online shop today to order our affordable and powerful salt bug gun.

What's included in our kit?

If you've never owned a salt bug gun before, you may not be sure what you need. That's why we sell convenient kits that include:

  • One brand-new Umarex Brodax .177 gun
  • Six preloaded 10-shot magazines (60 shots)
  • Five Crosman CO2 cartridges
  • One bottle of Snipe-A-Bug reload solution
  • One Snipe-A-Bug reload ring
  • The Snipe-A-Bug Solution mixing instructions
  • A set of measuring and mixing cups
  • A package of swabs
  • A dropper

You can also purchase our Snipe-A-Bug reload solution separately as well as extra magazines that are preloaded with salt and our reloading solution. Call us today at 470-232-8262 to learn more about our products.